Our WORK (Marin Community Benefit Cooperative) is about many things and benefits but its most about collection and recovery of local natural resources (natural capital) as well as human potential for the greatest benefit of all people, community and our planet.


Today most of our organic materials  (excluding food) in the form of fallen urban trees, lumber from new construction, renewal construction and deconstruction, as well as furniture, shipping crates and pallets are chipped, composted, scattered, burned or buried. While it makes most of this dematerialize (disappear) nearly all of its life-sustaining potential and significant value is lost through under utilization and roughly half of all its weight is emitted back into our atmosphere as more greenhouse (carbon) gases. So all of these materials collectively represents significant losses to our community (economically and environmentally) while continuing to increased the threat to life, health and property.


Our work is designed around taking responsibility for recovery of local resources mentioned above and creating new (sustainable) reuse materials, products, jobs, opportunities, practices, commerce, community health and possibly new lives.


Over time our work will grow and products and services will grow to include repair and restoration of a wide variety of products, as well as instruction workshops and classes.


Ready Rested & Sober is OHIAS's central (hourly) community work program for putting people in need from our community to work up to 5 hours a day.


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“Work spares us from three evils: boredom, vice, and need” — Voltaire