Ready Rested and Sober

Work is good for what ails us!


Our MCBC plan includes the hiring of a local workforce of full-time and hourly workers from our community who are seeking wholesome work, they include; retired professionals, students, single parents, graduates, veterans, ex-offenders, disabled and more. We call this program Ready Rested and Sober.


Our Ready Rested and Sober program was created to provide work for all who seek wholesome work and opportunity to improve their quality of life, self worth, and more. Beyond wholesome work we look to provide a positive step up out of despair for those who are still hopeful about improving their condition and lives. Many too, like single parents often need extra cash to meet obligations and a few hours work can possibly fill the need while make our local economy work more for all people.


Near 200 individuals have already completed our workforce survey around an opportunity for hourly community work. We intend on beginning this work once we have the all important and necessary community support.


Success of this program will be measured by people hired, hours worked, lives recovered, materials recovered, restored (tons) and sold, recycled materials sold as reuse, materials and products sold and donated to community projects. Another important metric will be greenhouse gas (tons) sequestered and stored. These measurements are the same measurement and metrics used throughout the cooperative, everything is counted, measured (volume), weighed and photographed along with its potential worth.