Working Partners is our community partnership program for local businesses, institutions, organizations and governments where our work is all about assisting our partners in becoming more efficient with resources (used or new) that are no longer required, resulting in increased efficiencies, reduced expenses, reduced community footprint, and improved public perception around your commitment to a healthier people, community and planet.


Annual Memberships for for-profit businesses, institutions and government.

Solo $50

Small under 6 employees $100

Small over 6, under 25 employees $250

Small over 25, under 99 employees $1000

Medium over 100, under 999 employees $2500

Large over 1000 employees $5000


Residents and non-profits are FREE


All members are entitled to be included on our on-line Working Partner's List coming soon.


We are looking forward to working with you and your people, thank you!


You may also be interested in becoming a Founders Foundation Fund donor. Your support here will help us get the ball rolling sooner than later while demonstrating to our community that you stand us and our mission around creating community benefit for all.


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Join today and help put an end to not waste and opportunity become a working partner today  your support is critically important — thank you!