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This idea for a community benefit cooperative grew out of Bill Callahan's (founder) passion for a healthy, sustainable planet and wholesome life-sustaining work.


This plan includes many ideas developed and refined from years of research, study and trials conducted around reuse.  This plan has many similarities to existing programs locally and around the world but differs greatly from most in that its based completely on community WORK and community BENEFIT, by way of recovering natural resources and human potential. It's unique in its community cooperative approach of creating significant new value, opportunity and benefit for all from all debris generated from our local built and urban forest environments (phase 1). Central to our creating work and achieving new value is the addition (acceptance) of finite value to the value proposition we call true value accounting (monetization) of natural (capital)resources. To learn more click VALUE under the THINKING menu above.


Improved community health is the most important objective of this project and so it needs to work and function economically everywhere in our community. Over the last several years the term circular economy* has become popular in describing business practices centered around continual reuse of materials over the linear (disposable) practices. To this end our planning takes this into consideration and has developed a partnership program that is designed around helping local businesses, institutions, community organizations and local government improved their performance (triple bottom lines) through improved efficiencies by way of reduced waste, reduced expenses and increased profitability.


There are many needs to make an effort such as this successful. Most important is community participation, be it finding wholesome work, locating some reuse material or product, learning how to recover the potential of a reuse resource, utilizing one of several community work spaces (indoor and outdoor) complete with tools and supervision, volunteer or make a donation . Some of the fore mentioned programs and work are part of future efforts beyond phase 1.


 To learn more about CIRCULAR ECONOMY click CIRCULAR under the THINKING/ ECONOMICS menu above.

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