Marin Community Benefit Cooperative

A Project of OHIAS

A plan for a  Marin Community Benefit Cooperative

Phase 1 – Built and Urban Forest Environments

Our plan for a  Marin Community Benefit Cooperative is to put our so called waste to work by putting people in need to work creating quality reuse materials for community use and to teach all interested how reuse materials for the highest potential use and value. Benefits will touch nearly every aspect of life in our community and has the potential to add $82 million  to our local economy.

— Initial recovery efforts will be focused on building materials from new construction, renovations, deconstruction, and green materials such as urban lumber and by products. These two sectors will represent and involve a majority of our time and energy since they represent considerable market value, energy savings and emissions storage (wood).

Phase 2 and beyond

In phase 2 we will work to expand our efforts into repair of personal, household and some business products.

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