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Buzzy MarinOur Ambassador

Buzzy - "I have great hope in people especially children.

Buzzy knows his way around Marin and there's little chance he'll miss an opportunity for some great finds. He's proud of his ancestry and doesn't care too much about what others say about his table etiquette. He says, I'm just doing what I've been raised to do, and while doing my part to help make Marin a healthier and more sustainable place. I'm disappointed with humans and their wastefulness considering our planet's limited life-sustaining capacity. I'm just a lowly bird and I have a sense of this.  Seeing they are intelligent creatures, I have difficulty understanding all this, its as though they are under some sort of spell?  I've heard  recently that it has something to do with the water but I have a hard time believing this because I drink the same water. It must be all the stuff they seem to have that occupies them so while chasing after more. People need to get a life with less stuff, they'll have more time to appreciate the finer things in life, while helping to preserve our natural world for our children's sake.

Look who's coming to diner?

It's Buzzy Marin —


Buzzy is known for his candidness, saying what's on his mind, especially people behaving badly. Even with his many concerns and candidness on a variety of subjects he has great hope in people and especially in our children. Reaching and educating youth is what he loves to do most.


If you are planning a school event or another type of community event and would like Buzzy to attend and say a few words about our needs and opportunities today, click his contact button below and connect with him directly.


Please note Buzzy is on a sabbatical but do leave a message for him by clicking the link below.  Thank you!


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