Our Mission:

OHIAS's work is about educating, assisting and empowering all to live and work more harmoniously with nature and one another especially in our communities to avoid further and certain ruin of our planet’s finite life-sustaining capacity. A principal objective of our mission is to end waste

as we know it today.

Our Work:

Putting our so called waste to work ...

Putting people to work ...

Putting our community to work ....

Creating sustainable community benefit

for all people and planet  ...

It's the RESPONSIBLE thing to do!



7.3 billion people and growing

1.5 global consumers and growing

Our sustainable consumption index (planets): 1.5 and growing.


What this says possibly is we either have too many people or we over consume. Possibly some of each, but our guess is its too many people with no lack of ambition and resources are working tirelessly for personal growth, financial success and a larger than life lifestyle. Much of this is driven or linked to big business and the their tireless ambition for more growth and profits for a few.


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Children born today will be raising their own in a world of:

9.3 billion people — 2 billion more than today

4.5 global consumers — 3 billion more than today

Our sustainable consumption index (planets) projected: 2.

— 50% more than today

Our one and only home planet Earth is being abuse terribly today and we need to change our ways without delay as though our health and lives were at stake. It's understood that the word abuse is a harsh, description but there's no way to sugar coat it at this point in time, since we are at a critical point in time and we clearly know what's going on. We are capable of simple math and understand the difference between positive and negative numbers and we can see the signs that many have and are experiencing great lost of property and life..


Its now TIME to recognize our great global predicament and begin acting  responsibly for the good of all people and planet.

Anthropocene - the current geological age, viewed as having begun about 200 years ago with the significant impact of human activity on the exosphere.

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Voltaire – His essay regarding time.

Voltaire in one of his novels stated "TIME is mans most precious asset." Yet having time and not your health could make living quite difficult and at times impossible. So our heath and especially the health of our finite living planet should be of the greatest important and should be paramount in all our lives. Read his essay here.

Voltaire – His question regarding time.

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