Our Mission:

OHIAS's work is about educating, assisting and empowering all to live and work more harmoniously with nature and one another especially in our communities to avoid further and certain ruin of our planet’s finite life-sustaining capacity. A principal objective of our mission is to end waste

as we know it today.

Our Work:

Putting our so called waste to work ...

Putting people to work ...

Putting our community to work ....

Creating sustainable community benefit

for all people and planet  ...

It's the RESPONSIBLE thing to do!


A community effort and opportunity ...

... for a healthier, more responsible, more circular and sustainable community that works more like nature and what's required in a finite world such as ours.


Join us and help make our work and mission a great success. We hope to make it the type of work and place we've all dreamt about.


A great way to learn more about us while helping us with our mission and work.


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We are here to serve your sustainable living needs (responsibilities).


Everyone who lives and or works in our community is a beneficiary of our work, be it the air we breath, the food we eat or the space we occupy. Everyone wins, especially those who participate

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Donate your used or damaged materials and products and increase your efficiency while improving your triple bottom line.

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Although our plan is to become a self-sufficient community benefit organization, outside financial support is important and necessary for achieving new heights well beyond our level of sustainability.

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Working Partners

If you are a local business, institution or government agency you can become a member of the Marin Community Benefit Cooperative which includes many benefits designed to help you reduce waste and inefficiencies while improving your triple bottopm line.

Go to our Working Partners page.

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Become a Founding Fund Sponsor and be recognized throughout Marin as a community leader for greater community health and benefit.

We can't lend Mother a helping hand without your kind support and participation — thank you!

Community participation is of course instrumental in the success of any community benefit organization so please consider embracing OHIAS's mission and work. Thank you!

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