Our Mission:

OHIAS's work is about educating, assisting and empowering all to live and work more harmoniously with nature and one another especially in our communities to avoid further and certain ruin of our planet’s finite life-sustaining capacity. A principal objective of our mission is to end waste

as we know it today.

Our Work:

Putting our so called waste to work ...

Putting people to work ...

Putting our community to work ....

Creating sustainable community benefit

for all people and planet  ...

It's the RESPONSIBLE thing to do!


A voice for all who are concerned for the health of our natural world.

OHIAS believes there are a good number of people like us who are deeply concerned about the health of OUR natural world and planet. They are unselfish and have the greatest respect for one another and planet. They desire a more natural, family oriented lifestyle than the plastic (unhealthy) lifestyle many have pledged their allegiance (lives) to: unlimited growth, wealth and self endulgents of evermore (excessive) stuff and travel.

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