OHIAS' mission is to educate and empower people everywhere to live responsibly, just and sustainable as our natural world requires.   We believe and many will agree  sustainable communities are the foundation stones and life blood of a sustainable planet.

Question of our day.

Are we not obligated knowing all we know about ourselves and our natural world to live responsibly, just and sustainable as our natural world requires.


sustainable |səˈstānəbəl|


able to be maintained at a certain rate or level • conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources.

There’s never been a time in human history where our numbers and our lifestyles have been so destructive and deadly as today. It's now TIME to recognize the reality of our time, our planet's declining life-sustaining capacity and begin living responsibly, just and sustainable as our natural world requires.

Our lifestyle suggestions are pretty much down and dirty. There's no white or green washing here, just a few basic ideas.


° First and foremost reduce (excessive) consumption, including travel, red meats and especially all things made cheaply (unhealthy). It's important to note this suggestion is not about abstention or becoming a minimalist necessarily, although everyone needs gain an appreciation of moderation. Time


° Make every effort to buy locally made products, even if it costs more. This does not mean settling for less quality when a local product fails to deliver.


Think of each as its own TIME zone, that is the time you spend with or doing each. What's important is to pay particular attention when we have an urge to buy something NEW or travel, think how you might reduce the urge or need (less is often more efficent). Many ecomomists will say this is stupid even to think its possible, our world and its ecomomy will surely faulter and fail without continued progress and growth. What's wrong with with this thinking is it does little to recognize the finite, life sustaining capacity of our planet and it fails to recognize the circular (sustaining foundation) of our natural world. This reality and the reality regarding our growing global population and consumerism could together upset the delicate lide-sustaining balance of a living planet (ours).


Living in a finite world where many continue consuming more than our planet's is capacble is stupid and fool hearty.


Our Homes (one's shelter): One living space should be no greater than one needs and void of special anities that could be shared by all locally


Our Local Transportation (one's personal transportation):


Our Travel


Our Family




Communities: (one's community)

– Community work, participant, volunteer,


Work (one's work)


Recreation (one's play)




Rest (one's energy and


Exercise and meditation mind and body energy (things one can do indepentantly) : sitting, walking, hiking, running, activities should push oneself to achieve and maintain greater strength.


Belief (one's religion or philosphy of life):


Bodily Consumption





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