Our planet’s very fiber and fabric of life is being destroyed so fast today scientists from around the world have issued two dire warnings to humanity, our health and all life on Earth is at stake if we fail to change the way we live today!

There's just one solution we can count on, making Mother's health our first and foremost responsibly, by living  just and sustainable, as one people and planet. This is our challenge today, as tomorrow will be too late to assure our children's future health and world is not deadlier than today!



Lifestyle (defined) — the way in which a person or group lives: the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. • [ as modifier ] denoting advertising or products designed to appeal to a consumer by association with a desirable lifestyle.

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There are many different lifestyles in our world today but this is changing quickly. Many are stepping quickly out of local and sustainable lifestyles to a more global, less sustainable living. While many in the developed world have a achieved and continue to achieve new heights of opportunity and plenty, people in emerging nations desire a piece of the action too. Their appetite will grow quickly with one of their first purchases, a smartphone and its gateway to the internet, it's social networks and global shopping.  Once connected this large emerging group will watch us regularly and intently around our all consuming lifestyles.


We in the developed world need to demonstrate a better example because this emerging group is estimated to grow from 1.5 billion people over the next 30 years to 4.5 billion while our global population is expected to grow by 2 billion more people. Even with our electric cars, solar power and best efforts to increase recycling we are far from  setting a healthy example with our excessive and highly destructive consumption and waste of finite life-sustaining capacity.


Thus our world with our great and growing numbers is growing ever smaller while our planet's life sustaining capacity is being greatly diminished as global demand and destruction climb. This scenario does not paint a pretty picture of our future for us and our children so we need to make an important course correction to our lifestyles, one that will best assure us of a healthy and sustainable future and planet.


OHIAS believes we must begin living responsibly, just and sustainable lives through our communities especially. Making the health of our living planet our first and foremost responsibilty s, not peronal or corporate wealth.


OHIAS and its first community benefit project, Marin Community Benefit Cooperative wishes to assist, educate and empower all in our community to make this course adjustment a rewarding one in all aspects of community life. Please join together with us and help support this life-preserving community benefit effort.

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Several billion more people will be emerging as global consumers over the next 30 years and they will be watching us, how we livve (our lifestyle) as they too want it — yet we have already surpassed our planet's annual sustainable capacity by 1.5 times and is expected to grow even more. So how will we survive with heightened demand, significantly greater resource depletion and the enormous loss of finite natural capacity?

With the advent of mobile phones and especially smartphones the digital divide is greatly reduced and global consumption advanced .

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OHIAS has few suggestions around creating a healthy living (lifestyle) for a more health community and  planet.

We have many tested methods on how to get there, yet there is only one sure way. We need to correct our course today because we have little time and another year, another decade, another generation will just make the effort that much harder and more finite life-sustaining capacity will be wasted. Think too about our children of tomorrow they will think highly of our loving decision to do the right thing.