Our Mission:

OHIAS's work is about educating, assisting and empowering all to live and work more harmoniously with nature and one another especially in our communities to avoid further and certain ruin of our planet’s finite life-sustaining capacity. A principal objective of our mission is to end waste

as we know it today.

Our Work:

Putting our so called waste to work ...

Putting people to work ...

Putting our community to work ....

Creating sustainable community benefit

for all people and planet  ...

It's the RESPONSIBLE thing to do!

Make your pledge today!

Consider demonstrating your support for OHIAS's mission and its first community benefit project a community benefit cooperative for all people of Marin.


Become one of the first to step forward and help us establish a solid and lasting foundation for community health and benefit.

We are using Indiegogo's community funding site Generosity.com for our Founders Foundation Fund and campaign.


Our Founders Foundation Fund program is built around a circular structure (virtual) that grows as new Founders come forward to join and support our mission and work. The structure below  illustrates it first configuration consisting of 4 columns (including Foot and Cap Stones) 104 floor stones and 28 foundation (below ground level


Our First Founders Foundation Fund group will be recorded in our virtual (digital) space for all posterity and will hold their unique positions as first (north), second (south), third (east) and fourth (west) Founders as illustrated with the four columns below.

Founders Foundation  Fund

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