OHIAS' mission is to educate and empower people everywhere to live responsibly, just and sustainable as our natural world requires.   We believe and many will agree  sustainable communities are the foundation stones and life blood of a sustainable planet.

Question of our day.

Are we not obligated knowing all we know about ourselves and our natural world to live responsibly, just and sustainable as our natural world requires.

Bill hates waste, always has. He believes everything in our finite world is important and should be used to its fullest sustainable potential like in nature. He also believes we are obligated to live sustainably.

I would like all children to inherit a life with no less chance of living natural healthy lives. Today with our growing numbers and unsustainable consumption we are fast destroying the remaining life-sustaining capacity of our finite natural world. Some believe that our actions (lifestyles) are criminal because we well know what we are doing while doing little to nothing to change, hoping science, technology and or government alone will save us. It is us and our lifestyles that need to change for the greater good of all people and planet. If you believe as I do please support our community work and the creation of a MARIN Community Benefit Cooperative to help all in our community to live healthier and more productive lives like nature indented.


With this said here following is more about events and people in my life that led me to create OHIAS.

What started it all – How OHIAS came to be ...

Bill Callahan

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. During my early childhood I had a experience. I was awaken from a nightmare about a future time when our world became so wasteful our planet became overrun with waste. What woke me that morning was clamoring being made outside my bedroom window by no one other than the garbage collectors. What's so unusual about these two events is how they came together that morning  and made such an impression upon me and the parallels are strikingly similar to what we are experiencing today, run away consumption and waste with little regard to the destruction it causes to the life-sustaining fiber of our living planet. That experienced weighed heavily on me for sometime but as I grew I came to an understanding that it was just a silly nightmare yet my concern for the health of our planet was growing stronger everyday. So some 20 years ago (age 50) I became a corporate drop-out after being let go by Apple. Apple in 1993 was at an all time low and anyone who thought or acted like Steve Jobs who was long gone at that time,  was not welcome. I found my situation at that time to be striking similar to how Steve Jobs must have felt when he was force out by John Sculley.


Growing up I found myself attracted to nature, especially trees and wood and toyed with the idea of creating a new style of modular furniture. A year later I launched Tamalpais TimberWorks and later changed its name to Tamalpais NatureWorks (TNW) believing it was better fit for our very natural and lifelong products. I made several attempts over a number of years to make TNW financially viable but could not find an investor that would embrace my passion and objectives for an environmental and transformational product.


In 2011 while continuing to operate a custom furniture retail center on B Street in San Rafael I had the opportunity to work with a small group of local citizens who were opposed to the construction of a new TARGET store in San Rafael. While contemplating the work at hand on this effort I asked myself how might my appreciation for our natural world and its health make a significant contribution. I asked myself what if any thing that I could say to people who were unaware or uncommitted on the TARGET project. I came to the realization that if I could convince people that TARGET was UNHEALTHY for people and community I would have a better chance of succeeding. I gave it my all, yet our strong collective effort failed to get the required signatures for the ballot referendum by just a few. I then convinced myself there was not just a good reason, but a dire reason to continue the campaign and shortly after founded OHIAS in 2013.


Upon founding OHIAS MarinLink become OHIAS's financial sponsor, allowing OHIAS to accept donations and provide donors with a 501.c3 tax donation receipt. After little more than a year OHIAS produced little community support (financial), yet we did a bit better receiving high value material donations. The sponsorship was subsequently severed by MarinLink (understandably) for lack of  fiscal activity to support the relationship. In 2015 we submitted a new fiscal sponsorship application to Earth Island Institute but it was declined without reason. I'd like to believe that part of the reason for not being accepted was our mission around sustainable living was too similar to one or more existing organizations served by EII, yet I believe our self-sustaining financial models and recover and reuse work set us far above competing efforts. No new opportunities or applications have been ventured since then but our eyes and ears are open.


In light of this, OHIAS has continued its development independently although a bit reluctantly, fine tuning its mission and work as well as defining its plan, pieces of which can be found here.

Link to Tamalpais NatureWorks web site - opens in new window


Founded in 1993

  • First products presented at San Francisco Furniture Market 1997
  • Green America Certified Member since 1999
  • Marin Green Business since 2004
  • Products appeared in a number of National magazines.
  • In 2011 TNW received a Cool California Honorable Mention from the California Air Resources Board for its efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Currently TNW is planning a special Earth day 2016 crowd funding event around personal empowerment and improved health.


Bill's last employment was with Apple in the late eighties and early nineties where worked as a Corporate Business Development Manager covering all of the west coast. Prior to Apple Bill worked for a variety of businesses including: Chubb, California Dental Service and IBM as a Healthcare Systems consultant. Education: Bill's artistic talents shined brightly during his early education winning artistic awards and a scholarship.


Today Bill lives simply with his wife (since 1972) in Terra Linda. They've raised three daughters and a son in Marin.


Bill loves to run Mt. Tam trails especially the Dipsea, mountain bike and swim the GoldenGate.

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