OHIAS' mission is to educate and empower people everywhere to live responsibly, just and sustainable as our natural world requires.   We believe and many will agree  sustainable communities are the foundation stones and life blood of a sustainable planet.

Question of our day.

Are we not obligated knowing all we know about ourselves and our natural world to live responsibly, just and sustainable as our natural world requires.


Many believe our economic (capitalistic) system is broken today for a variety of reasons but most specifically we believe because much is based upon a preconceived notion of infinite supply and capacity which we know our finite planet is incapable.  Its more than just depletion of resources it's also about destruction of life-sustaining capacity. It's not just about depletion, worse is the loss and destruction of life-sustaining capacity and quality.


OHIAS believes the way to make our communities truly responsible and sustainable is to make local business and REUSE central to our community and economy. The term circular economy has become a poplar subject among some of the world's largest corporations, yet we are hearing little about "circular communities" which is the model we use to define and tell our story.


Our community has great natural capital and capacity but little is recovered and put to work for its greatest potential and community benefit,  economically and environmentally. We can ill afford to continue to waste precious life-sustaining capacity.


More is coming on this subject. Feel free to contact us directly with ideas or suggestions you many have on this subject. Keywords: economy, circular community, circular economy, natural capital and life-sustaining capital and capacity.

We need to remind ourselves reguarly that nature is above and beyond our control and forever circular so what goes around will certainly come around.


We encourgae you to think about this for a while —


Many believe it's impractical to believe our world could survive without putting economic growth and profits first and foremost. OHIAS believes this thinking is one of the major reasons we have so much distrust and conflict in our world. Our economic system needs to become more holistic, preserving and restoring our planet's finite  life-sustaining capacity. It's more important than all the money in the world.

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