OHIAS' mission is to educate and empower people everywhere to live responsibly, just and sustainable as our natural world requires.   We believe and many will agree  sustainable communities are the foundation stones and life blood of a sustainable planet.

Question of our day.

Are we not obligated knowing all we know about ourselves and our natural world to live responsibly, just and sustainable as our natural world requires.



Many believe our greatest challenge today is climate warming and its growing implications upon our lives and communities, especially our built environment. There's no question its occurring and for the most part human caused and its potential displacement and destruction of property will be of catastrophic proportions. But to believe it is the world's most challenging issue as many believe is wrong. Raising temperature and sea level raise is concerning but are much less a threat to life as our over consuming and wasteful lifestyles are having upon the finite life-sustaining capacity and health of people and planet.


What's most important today is we need to begin addressing life-sustaining lifestyle changes that address the heart of all these issues, our lack of a common universal respect for our finite living planet as demonstrated by the many issues facing us today in addition to climate warming: greed, conflict, terrorism, poverty, inequity and injustice to name a few.

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— It's not Climate Change its us!

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