Our planet’s very fiber and fabric of life is being destroyed so fast scientists from around the world have issued two dire warnings to humanity, our health and all life on Earth is at stake. Either we are not listening or it's our selfish ignorance of the needs of our living planet and others.

There's just one solution we can count on today —making our planet's health our first and foremost responsibly, by living  just and sustainable, as one people and planet. This is our challenge today, as tomorrow will be too late to assure our children's future health and justice is better, not worse than today!

CLIMATE WARMING Adaptation and Mitigation Solutions

Adaptation and mitigation are two terms used to develop and communicate actions, objectives, goals and plans around the cause(s) and effect(s) of climate warming.

Even with the 2015 Paris Climate Conference and Agreement there's still disagreement and the debate between believers and nonbelievers. Yet for those who recognize the issue and the need for action seem to gravitate toward adaptation as a clear priority, seeing the need to address, adapt and protect our built environment (our communities, homes, businesses and infrastructure). This is understandable seeing the great potential loss and damage of both life and property if we don't act. So yes, adaptation is important but not more important than mitigation in terms of our living more responsibly and sustainably by way of better use (consumption habits) and management of our finite life-sustaining resources and capacity. Also important to this thinking is it's not all about mitigating carbon emissions as it is about mitigating our excessive consumption and enormous waste, the central causes. Many have embraced change yet our population and consumption continues to climb and grow to historic heights. So time is short considering the speed at which change is occurring and we need to attack both with the greatest URGENCY and tenaciousness as though our lives and health were at stake which we believe is true as NEVER before.


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