Our planet’s very fiber and fabric of life is being destroyed so fast today scientists from around the world have issued two dire warnings to humanity, our health and all life on Earth is at stake. Either we are not listening or it's our selfish ignorance of the needs of our living planet and others.

There's just one solution we can count on today —making our planet's health our first and foremost responsibly, by living  just and sustainable, as one people and planet. This is our challenge today, as tomorrow will be too late to assure our children's future health and justice is better, not worse than today!

Marin Community Benefit Cooperative (MCBC)

and empowerment center a project of OHIAS

Transforming our so called solid waste from our built and urban forest environments (woody debris) and putting it all to work sustainably, with people seeking work, not in a landfill, an incinerator or left to decompose .
MCBC includes a community empowerment center where people and small businesses can come to aquire reuse products and materials, as well have access to a wide range of local people with extensive knowlege and experience — and more!

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